Our Story

My husband came home from work one day all excited about this electronic cigarette thingy. I thought, yeah right, that will be another piece of gimmicky crap! ..... Boy was I wrong!  I will always be thankful to the friend who showed my husband this crazy thing.  He smoked three packs of cigarettes a day; he decided to start using an e-cig, a similar product to ours today. He loved it and was able to just use those instead of traditional cigarettes!
 I coached some of my children in soccer and volunteered a lot at their schools. I hated going to the field smelling like a cigarette, or into their school.  I hated telling our children we could not afford to do something, yet I spent $200.00 a month on cigarettes.   After hearing how much our friend loved the electronic cigarette I was intrigued to try it out; after a month I was hooked and completely done with traditional cigarettes. I enjoyed my new smell, the new flavor and none of the ashtray tastes, and most of all loved the cost! 
I couldn’t wait to show Mom, we were smoking buddies, I made a lunch date with her. Our date was scheduled for a Tuesday, Mom never made it; she passed away the Friday before with a cigarette in her mouth from a massive heart attack. The pain of losing her was gripping.  I grew restless, always thinking about my Mom and what if I had shown her this e-cig sooner….crazy what grief does to us. 
Her name was Sally, she is the reason we exist.  She died much too young due to her smoking, we must remind you we are not a "quit smoking tool" Mom wouldn't want us to be one anyway, we are an amazing Nicotine alternative source.  Sally loved to smoke and she would have loved getting her nicotine in a different, cleaner, more enjoyable form. We didn't want Mom's death to be in vain, we wanted to make a difference in others’ lives just the way Mom taught us to be. She would really love seeing all these people do what they love without so many of the consequences.... like the smell, or the cost, or turning the house yellow.
We distributed another company’s e-cig for a while, but we were disappointed in the customer service, and the quality of the product.  The taste would often change, the cartomizers (filters) would leak. The batteries did not have a good draw on them, remember I told you we were big time smokers, we knew what we were looking for. We searched for a product we could stand behind, one that was made of the highest quality ingredients, and was consistent. In the middle of 2011, we discontinued our distribution of the other e-cig and branded SmokeEnds.  It has been an awesome 6 years! We love what we do and the people we meet. It is a pretty awesome feeling going to bed each night knowing that Mom’s memory lives on in our business.  That people just like you get to do what you love without having to put up with the stuff you don’t love!  Here is to you Mom!
 SmokeEnds, today is more than just a product, it is a brand. A brand that is synonymous with customer service and quality.  If the quality is not where it should be, we take care of it, you the customer is never left stranded.  We know what it is to be without the product you “need” and therefore we make every attempt for our product to stand up to our rigorous standards.  Two of the three owners use this product every day and have for the last 7 years.  If we don’t love it, we fix it!