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Dear Retailers:


Why use Counter space for SmokeEnds?


- We have the MOST AUTHENTIC TASTING E-CIG around. 

- Electronic Cigarettes are the future of “smoking”

- We are not another “Tobacco” company trying to cash in on smoking dollars. We do not force ship any 
product EVER.  We do not require minimums.  Your profit margin is 30-35% (depending on the 
product) whether you start out small or start out big.  You are not required to sell x amount of product 
in order to maintain this promotion or that promotion.  You are not required to hang x amount of signs 
where we say.  We don’t even have to be the ONLY e-cig you sell.  We are not about rules and 
regulations; we are about fair, honest, good old fashion handshake business.

-We have beautiful high end custom displays available at no cost to you with a small footprint.

-We are a company who truly cares about the public we serve therefore standing behind our product 
100%. No customers yelling at your sales staff because their e-cig is not working and you do not have 
the authority to stand behind it. Simply replace and get a credit from us on your very next order.

-We distribute our own product with a dedicated sales staff and to support your retail location’s needs.
-We aggressively promote our products to raise awareness and educate the consumer.  We are 
available by phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, and our Website, along with in store demos upon 
request.  We also have You Tube videos and literature to help your customer reach their desired 

-Our product is made in smaller batches more often to ensure that every product is the best that it can 
be.  If it does not meet the customer’s standards we will replace it free of charge no questions asked. 
-Selling SmokeEnds products is a FEEL GOOD SALE; you are selling something that is a healthier 

-We are not another gimmick; we set your customers up for success from the start. 

-We will train your employees on all SmokeEnds products.

-We put your store on our website.  The first week you are open with us we feature your store on the 
front page

-We feature you on Facebook the first day you are with us

- Worry Free Service.  You only collect the profits.

- We service your store weekly.  You will have a sales rep who takes your order and cleans your 
display and then a delivery driver who will delivers your order and fill your display

-We keep your stock rotated

-We will train all your employees on our product so you don’t have to

- We will provide you with all the signage you need to excel in sales

-We give credits for any damaged product each week, no waiting for corporate to hand down the credit

-The customers who are loyal to you will appreciate you more for helping them to break the chains of 
smoking, they will be back time and time again for our refills and so much more.  Customers love to 
know someone cares.  They trust you to eat your food and put milk on their table they will trust you to 
try our product and love you for giving them a tool to live a better life.

- If a customer buys from us direct due to a move or vacation we send the retailer who sold them their 
first starter kit a 5% kickback each and every time they order. Our online store is there to support the 
customer only, not to take revenue out of your pocket.  We do not ship near our retail locations unless 
there are extenuating circumstances…the customer would have to bed ridden and without means of 
transportation. Again you would receive the 5% kickback. 

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